Spotting Angry Men

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It is no secret that there is an epidemic of narcissism and narcissistic abuse today.  There is also an increase in the abuse and murder of women.

As a lot of women, liberals, feminists, and even conservative-minded women are learning about narcissistic abuse, they are becoming more careful, more discerning and being very picky about the kind of men that they date or even allow into their lives.

Many men who already feel entitled to women are very angry that women now having boundaries and standards, and it has triggered a lot of rage in them.

They no longer have easy access to use and abuse women, and instead of changing their behaviours and mindset, they become enraged.

The more covertly abusive, manipulative ones may seem harder to spot because they hide and disguise their inner rage and disgust towards women so well, but bear in mind that you can spot them by identifying THESE RED FLAGS and then avoiding them or removing them from your lives to protect yourself.

The more overtly abusive men are fairly easy to spot as they display blatantly obvious rage towards women.

It may not be directed AT YOU specifically, but trust me, if a man is demeaning all other women, it is only a matter of time before his rage is focused on you.

Angry man syndrome can look like this.

A man who says things on his dating profile like “what is wrong with the women on this site? why doesn’t anyone want to meet up??!”
There is a reason why the women on these dating sites are refusing to meet with this man. Don’t engage with him and be his next victim.

They also say things like “the people on this dating site are gold diggers, hookers,etc etc”


“Women today are disgusting, diseased, damaged etc etc”

“if you are an unmarried woman at 35 or older, you are a leftover unwanted woman”

“Single mothers are damaged goods “

This person already has profound disrespect, contempt and hatred for women, and no matter how nice, feminine and virtuous you are, he will never see that in you. He doesn’t want to.  He wants to stick to his narrative that women are evil and hateful.
You will be tarnished with the same hateful brush and you WILL be demeaned and devalued.

A lady sent me the message of a man who told her “I am too good to be on dating sites,  I can’t believe that I have to lower myself by being on dating websites. The women here are just awful and damaged.  They are not even that attractive”

Imagine that!!  A man who feels so special and entitled that he should not be on dating websites (narcissism – someone who feels special and above others) and yet he is on a dating website (hypocrisy).

I told this lady to RUN FAST AND FAR AWAY from this man.

Men like these hate women viciously and many of them are looking for a woman that they can unleash their rage on. You will be punished and abused for all the perceived slights from other women towards this guy – all the resentment and hatred he has from every slight rejection of women will be heaped on you because a man like this believes you deserve it.

A guy like this is also projecting.
By labelling all women as being damaged, he is revealing that he himself is damaged………so damaged, in fact, that he is unable to find a suitable relationship because no woman in her right mind will engage with him.

If you engage with a man like this, you will be ridiculed, mocked, humiliated and abused covertly and underhandedly at first, and then overtly.

You could even get physically harmed or killed.

Angry men like this are not men who have ‘been hurt so bad in the past and only need the love of a good woman to help them’.

They may have been hurt, but they have made the CHOICE to be actively hateful towards women and they are dangerous.

Your love, kindness and virtues will not change them – you will simply be a scapegoat for them to unleash physical and/or emotional abuse on.

Another important thing to note is that when you engage with angry abusive men like these, they WILL affect and change you on a fundamental level.
The covert insults and disrespect will be like little jabs that slowly erode away your soul and your psyche (death by a thousand cuts) , and when the relationship ends, you will be unconsciously traumatised.

You will even start to believe what they tell you about yourself.

This trauma and damage, that you may not even be aware of, will be picked up by other men and a lot of decent, genuine and honourable men will not want to deal with you or date you.
This is because they want a whole woman as a partner, not someone who is traumatised.

Other predatory or abusive men will target you cos it is far easier for them to break down and destroy someone who is already damaged.

So, as you can see it is very important to stay away from angry men, abusive and controlling men, not just because of the damage they will cause to you, but because interactions with them will make you less likely to attract decent men and more likely to attract even more predators and abusers.

If you see a woman who seems to go from one abusive partner to the other or one manipulative/unsuitable partner to the other, this is the reason why.

Abusive, angry and manipulative people pattern and condition you for further abuse by other abusive, angry and manipulative people.

Plus, you will be become bitter and tainted after having to deal with these people.

It is far better to remain single, and preserve your innocence and femininity than to date or engage with these people.

You do not have to attack them back.

Just listen the what they say, either in-person or on the dating profile and then block them. 

If you have already exchanged numbers or have gone on a date, and they start exhibiting angry man syndrome like this, decline further dates and block them immediately everywhere because they can be dangerous and deadly.

If feminist and liberal-minded women today are that discerning enough to avoid dating or engaging with men like these, you as a traditional Catholic and feminine woman should be even more so discerning and VERY selective to stay away from these men.

Remember, a woman who is truly feminine and virtuous is naturally very selective and picky.

If she wasn’t, she would not be feminine or virtuous for very long.

Additionally, honourable and genuinely masculine high-value men really admire a woman who is selective.

So, be discerning, be wise and stay away from misogynistic narcissistic men with angry man syndrome.


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